Whom Site Development Entrust To

According to the biggest Ukrainian rating system bigmir.net, during February 2005 the number of Ukrainian users of the Internet has increased by 100 thousand people and makes up 4 292 152 people (the average number for 11 months of 2005). A number of companies offering services on sites development rise rapidly as well.

So, «Web-design» rubric of Ukrainian МЕТА search system contains more than thousand positions. Search in other catalogs yields similar results. Therefore it is necessary to approach to a choice of the developer with all seriousness. We suggest paying attention to the following.

Make sure in reliability
  • Pay attention to duration of activity of the company. Those developers who have worked for 2–3 years in the market are worthy of attention.
  • Visit the studio office. Its absence should put you on the alert.
  • Ask about staff of employees. The collective of experts is necessary for qualitative fulfilling of work. Combination of several workers in one person results in decrease in quality.
  • Pay attention to formal details, namely: what is the form of contract conclusion, whether noncash settlements are possible, whether drawing up of the technical specification is supposed.
Analyze ready works
  • The sites developed for other clients you can find in the section under the name of «Portfolio», «Ready works», «Our works», «Our clients» etc. It’s better to find sites of the companies similar to yours on subject or size.
  • Pay attention to style features of the developed sites. It’s very good if each site has an individual style by which it can be distinguished from others.
  • Study not only appearance, but also other characteristics of the sites: whether pages are quickly loaded, whether it’s easy to search for information, whether the information corresponds to the site subject.
Don’t be seduced by the low prices
  • As a rule, sites cost 400–500 dollars are created by 2–3 persons. From such team it’s not worth waiting for positive results.
  • The prices specified with absolute accuracy even before getting specific order indicate an absence of an individual approach and low professionalism.
Choose the developers providing additional services
  • Prefer the company which will provide hosting, will register a domain name, will carry out advertising support and maintenance of your site.
  • Find out about the company experience of the accomplished projects support.
What you should be asked
  • When discussing the future site you first of all should be asked about connection of the site with company business, about the primary goals of the site, what target group it should be focused on.
  • When discussing appearance of the site you should be asked about availability of corporate style, a logo, corporate colors etc.

You should be alerted!

  1. Small amount of the accomplished works (from 4 up to 8). Frequently this is just the number of sites the inexperienced companies develop free-of-charge and use for attraction of clients.
  2. All ready sites are similar and virtually don’t differ from each other.
  3. It’s necessary to be careful about the following phrases: «young team of professionals», «we offer super modern web solutions», «we carry out projects of any complexity», especially when the web-studio site has very primitive content and design.
  4. The manager can’t determine terms of works completion even after the customer has provided all necessary information and after coordination the technical specification, but precisely names the cost of work.
  5. The company doesn’t give any guarantees of working efficiency of the site and doesn’t discuss terms of its support and maintenance.
  6. The company has no office and a seal, doesn’t demand the conclusion of the contract and observance of other necessary formalities.