Sites Maintenance

Any effective site is dynamic first of all. It needs regular updating. It’s necessary to update not only texts but also graphic components that the client has to search and to process by his/her own. The experience proves that it’s more convenient and more cost-effective for client to maintain the site actuality with help of developers than to deal with the matter by his/her own.

Often due to a company growth, the necessity arises not merely to update the information placed on the site but to change completely the strategy of the site development in the Internet. For example, such work has been carried out for Economics Faculty of Taras Shevchenko Kiev National University and for REDEX trademark.

When maintaining sites, we provide information, technical support and analyze statistics of visits. On the basis of this analysis we provide detailed report to our client. It allows defining what divisions of the site are the most successful, what is to be changed in structure and information presentation for site effectiveness increasing.

Offered technical support will allow avoiding problems connected with hosting, domain name and other technical aspects.

List of Services:

  • information updating with periodicity specified by our client;
  • texts writing on given topics (thematic articles, advertising texts, news line etc.);
  • additional sections and pages creation;
  • illustrations creation and processing;
  • redesign;
  • statistical analysis of visits and providing recommendations regarding improvement of statistical values;
  • technical support.