Sites Advertising

First of all a site is an advertising and information tool. It performs client’s tasks only if the target audience is aware about the resource existence.

Search engines optimization is carried out during the work on the site structure and text content. After launch of the site the list of thematic resources and directories is being made; advertising action will take place on their pages. The content, duration and frequency of each advertising action are defined beforehand.

It’s necessary to evaluate advertising campaigns effectiveness just during they are being carried on. It allows correcting the content and focus of measures to increase the effectiveness of advertising. According to client’s wish, it’s possible to provide detailed statistics of the site visits along with this statistics analysis.

List of Services:

  • the site optimization for search engines — optimization of structure, source code, selection and placement of key words;
  • registration in search engines and thematic directories, placement of electronic ads;
  • banner advertising;
  • spreading information about products and services by means of Internet communication — forums, newsgroups;
  • promotion materials writing on the site topic.