Strategy Development

How to convert a site from a set of different elements, ideas, tasks into the unified functioning tool? Strategy or concept of a site answers to this question.

First you have to decide if you need the site at all. If there is the need you have to define what results you want to achieve with its help. Cost-effectiveness and payback period of the site is calculated. Then users’ group analysis is conducted in order to define their needs, interests, and peculiarities. Analysis of competitors’ information resources allows finding decisions that will provide site advantage over competitors’ sites.

On basis of conducted analysis basic elements are defined, that will be used at structure development, texts writing, designing and site promotion stages. In result we get an idea about appearance of each site page, what kind of information it should contain, what software will be most efficient in every individual case, how the information resource should be updated and developed in future.

So you can see that properly developed strategy is the keystone of success. Designers, artists, page-makers, programmers, copywriters and sites promotion specialists start work only after the strategy is developed.

List of Services:

  • goal and site tasks defining;
  • target users group analysis;
  • competitors analysis;
  • site concept, methods and means of its implementation development;
  • defining ways of site development and methods of its promotion etc.