Text Writing

The texts represent principal information in the most sites. The resource informativeness and therefore users interest to it depends just on text content.

Information content is the principal thing the site users pay attention to. That is proved by numerous researches of web-sites development rules. Finding themselves on a new page, first of all visitors go to the part containing useful information, browse headers and other elements describing the page content. And only after that they use navigation system in order to come to another page.

Text information quality directly influences desired results achievement. Therefore text preparation requires serious attitude. Besides most of advertising texts don’t meet the Net requirements. As a rule 80% of texts, provided by client, need revising and processing.

List of Services:

  • stylistic processing of texts, provided by client, according to target group preferences;
  • grammar processing of client texts;
  • development of information structure and links between pages in easy for perceiving, presentable form;
  • texts writing on given topic (thematic articles, advertising texts, news line etc.);
  • if client information isn’t available we can on our own prepare necessary materials as for individual pages so for the whole site.