Intranet site of UniCredit Bank

In the Net from 14.09.06

UniCredit Bank is the fourth largest European banking UniCredit Group. There is a serious attitude to human resources matters in UniCredit Bank. They pay a great attention to creation of positive working atmosphere, to the work effectiveness and knowledge exchange.

The purpose of the Intranet site is to give employees the information about internal bank events, to encourage them to express their points of view and to exchange opinions, to allow to get and give knowledge by means of instructions, questionnaires etc. Here you can get to know about the bank structure, new colleagues, trainings, vacancies, to discuss any questions on the forum, to place birthday congratulations. Also on Intranet site the information about the Bank employees impelling problems is placed allowing the collective to take part in its resolving.

Such approach contributes to creation in the Bank the atmosphere of support and mutual understanding that positively influence the attitude to work and eventually its results.

Intranet site of UniCredit Bank

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