Site of UkrAVTO Corporation

In the Net from January 01, 2007

UkrAVTO is the largest manufacturer of automobiles in Ukraine, distributor and provider of services. The structure of corporation includes such known enterprises as ZAZ (Ukraine) and FSO (Poland).

The purpose is to create a major site for a major company.

UkrAVTO Corporation comprises more than 400 interconnected enterprises, covers various lines of activity, its interests are presented in many countries of near and far abroad. All the amount of the information it managed to place in five items of the first level menu. A principle of categories formation is simple and logical; they have understandable names and precise structure.

We have attempted within one resource to satisfy needs of two absolutely different groups of users: business partners and owners of cars (or those who only plan to purchase a car). The former have an opportunity to get quite complete initial idea about the company, easily choosing those aspects which are necessary; the latter can quickly and conveniently get the information on car sales, their service etc.

Site of UkrAVTO Corporation