Mykhaylo Poplavskiy as Creative Personality. Personal site

In the Net from January 30, 2006

Mykhaylo Poplavskiy. He is called «young eagle» and «singing rector », there are many gossips and anecdotes about him. Everyone knows him as rector, singer, politician, as person, who has implemented many successful projects.

The site dedicated to Mykhaylo Poplavskiy’s creativity is just a component of great project. General objective of the project is to reveal personality of uncommon politician, honoured rector and creative person.

The site purpose was to reveal all-round creative personality of Mykhaylo Poplavskiy. Individual sections are dedicated to singing career, public activity, cultural and educational work. Site design corresponds to the general idea: home page with flash animation, availability of interactive menu and original pages solution. Photo gallery deserves particular attention; it contains more than 150 high-quality photo of Mykhaylo Poplavskiy.

Mykhaylo Poplavskiy as Creative Person. Personal site