People’s Deputy Mykhaylo Poplavskiy Personal Site

In the Net from January 30, 2006

Mykhaylo Poplavskiy is People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Deputy Chairman of Verhovna Rada Culture and Spirituality Committee, Honourary Head of Kyiv National Culture and Arts University, Doctor of Pedagogics, professor, merited arts worker of Ukraine. Poplavskiy is People’s Deputy since May 14, 2002. He was elected from constituency No. 101, Kirovogradskiy region.

People’s Deputy of Ukraine Mykhaylo Poplavskiy’s personal site is just a component of great project. General objective of the project is revealing uncommon personality of politician, honourary rector and creative person, who amazes by his inexhaustible energy, longing for work, purposefulness, perseverance and optimism.

According to general objective of the project, Mykhaylo Poplavskiy’s personal site gives information exclusively about his political and public activity. Information presentation structure and graphic design peculiarities divide the site on three parts — «Person», «Achievements» and «Principal belief».

People’s_Deputy Mykhaylo Poplavskiy Personal Site