Pogoda.in Site of Weather Forecast


In the Net from April 28, 2006

Pogoda.in site shows weather forecast in Ukraine and in the large cities of the world. A user can acquaint himself (herself) with short weather forecast for a week and detailed one for 3 days (today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow).

Pogoda.in is among those sites that a user usually input in «Favourites» folder and use them successfully every day. The resource fulfills two functions at once: boost spirits (even if the weather forecast isn’t quite favourable) and simplify the life (everything is accessible within two clicks). We go to «Favourites» folder, click the link - and here you are weather forecast. In the world rating of the most humane inventions this site should take the first place… after the «On/Off» button.

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Pogoda.in Site of Weather Forecast