Site of the Kiev Academy of Beauty

In the Net from June 5, 2006

The Kiev Academy of Beauty is the only higher educational institution in Ukraine that trains high-qualified specialists for the fashion industry on leading Pivot Point technique. The Academy is a structural division of the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts.

The main goal of the site is to convince people that the Kiev Academy of Beauty is the true «Harward» for hair designers and visagistes. Training in the Academy guarantees to graduates an interesting highly paid work in the best beauty salons, in show business and in the fashion industry. To be serviced by such experts is the pleasure for a client.

The problem was to get this idea across to people with various interests, from schools graduates to their skeptically minded parents. By experimental way, we have determined common features of their behaviour in the Web environment. It has allowed us to make pages on which everyone can see the necessary information just where he/she is looking for it.

For better «findability» of the site the alternative domain name was used with deliberately wrong spelling - Thus a user, even having made a mistake when typing the address, gets to the site.

Site of the Kiev Academy of Beauty