Expert Electrolux Site

Swedish Electrolux concern is the largest manufacturer of domestic appliance and professional equipment in the world. Electrolux is the leader of European market of domestic appliance and is the third largest company in this field in the USA.

Expert Electrolux is a program of Electrolux Representative Office in Ukraine on interaction with salespeople of Electrolux domestic appliance. The purpose of the program is to enhance knowledge of salespeople and to increase retail sales.

Expert Electrolux site is the source of information for the program participants about the program progress. For every salesperson, a personal page is provided reflecting stages of the program. All users of the resource have convenient and operative access to tests questions, to auxiliary teaching materials, to other useful information.

Internet Systems specialists have developed information structure of the project and have created the text content.

According to the Electrolux policy, specialists of Electrolux headquarters in Finland prepare graphical decoration for all advertising and information products. However, we were offered to provide our own vision of the web site design. The results of our work you can see in the left side of the page.

After the graphical decoration approval, the programming part of the project will be implemented and the site will appear in the Net at the address

Expert Electrolux Site