Economics Faculty of T. Shevchenko KNU, Third Version

In the Net from September 08, 2005

Economics Faculty of Kyiv T. Shevchenko National University is the leading higher education institution in Ukraine on knowledgeable economics specialists training.

The site third version should emphasize the image of Economics Faculty as a classic education institution. In the new design the academicism and solidity of the institution were accentuated. The site became more easy and convenient to use due to optimization for different monitors resolution — it’s possible now to browse the site at 800х600 resolution. In order to facilitate the texts perception it was decided to reject their placement in 3 columns. During a year of the site’s previous version existence a plenty of new information was collected that is displayed in updated structure.

Regular Support

from the time of the appearance in the Net

is carried on:

  • — the new faculty schedule placement — every half a year;
  • — a news line maintaining — placement of news about important events in the faculty life, publication of ads;
  • — expansion of information structure due to the new sections «Our talents» and «Contest and Olympics» emergence;
  • — replenishment and changing of information in professors forms;
  • — maintenance of information actuality about departments, professors, scientific activities etc.

Among others faculties and divisions of T. Shevchenko Kyiv National University the site of Economics Faculty is updated the most frequently and is considered the most «living». Also it’s considered the best from the point of view of informativeness.

Economics Faculty of T. Shevchenko KNU, Third Version