Mykhaylo Poplavskiy's Site Creation. The Beginning

The task was not simple: how maximum completely and at the same time comprehensibly to present so all-round person of Mykhaylo Mykhaylovich for the Internet users. After having analyzed in details all directions of his activity and having estimated volume of the internal content of this Man of Great Calibre, we came to rather bold conclusion that in this case it could not get along without «partition».
We have found that the most humane way of carrying out this operation was conditional division of mister Poplavskiy into «Poplavskiy as creative personality» and «Poplavskiy as People’s Deputy».
But about all under the order. In this series we’ll tell you about the first stage of our difficult work.

During creation of information structure of the «Poplavskiy as creative personality» site, we have suddenly realized that we have underestimated a little the real calibre of this truly unique person. It could not get along without repeated surgical intervention. Thus the idea was born to construct the structure on the basis of two main areas of activity - culture and education.

Next it was necessary to find a certain point of «intersection-contact» in order to not to break harmonious integrity with one incorrect movement and that irreparable thing would not happen. We have held a concilium and have decided to consider concert stage such a point. At once someone has drawn the approximate scheme with trembling from realization of own responsibility hand.

After that, our designer for some time left to her design astral from which afterward she has safely got vision of the general style of the picture. She has built the rough arrangement of composition elements on page from improvised materials. The result has turned out rather amusing: Mykhaylo Poplavskiy warms up the public before Iron Maiden performance. Strange enough, but it seems the public like it…

On a draft make-up, Mykhaylo Mykhaylovich already better corresponds to the image of extreme heavy metallist. Seminude beauties who have appeared on the stage behind his back, have introduced in the represented action a certain spirit of freedom, a kind of «sex, gymnastics, rock-and-roll». However, suddenly we have intuitively felt somehow that it not that we need and it is necessary to move in a little bit other direction.

Since the strategy has changed, we have faced with the necessity to get essentially new materials for work. It has been decided «to culture up» in some degree the crowd under the stage, to give it more intellectual appearance. In addition, what else raises a cultural level so much as the literature? In this picture from the photosession arranged by us programmer Sergey is represented, offering the humanitarian help to inhabitants of «the third world« countries. Subsequently his hand will become a part of the general composition.

And here we are: the collage is practically ready. All details are carefully processed; it’s necessary only to correct light, shadows, to correlate properly proportions etc. Nevertheless, something still confuses the professional eye of designer Katya. Ah, certainly, these shameless uncivilized girls do not fit in any way in the atmosphere of cultural action in every respect. To replace urgently!

Yes, these girls certainly look better but too serious though smiling. If we make a site for Vladimir Spivakov, for example, these girls could do very well, but here … No, not that we need.

After long, but ineffectual casting it has been decided to equip our representative with a camera and to delegate him to the Mykhaylo Mykhaylovich's nearest performance. The task was carried out successfully. The girls’ photos were taken. The photographer is contented.

After the designer in the certain sense has worked with girls, we can assess final version on